Alumni Interactive World Map

This interactive map shows participation in the CODATA/RDA Schools for Research Data Science. It is ongoing and does not yet represent all our alumni participation. The map code is based on this openly available template and modified to add data about the school participants.

Mouseover a country on the map or an arc on the charts below to get more information, click on a country or an arc in the charts to get contact information for the participants in that country or demographic. Gender is not clickable.

Special thanks to CODATA (The Committee on Data of the International Science Council) and RDA (Research Data Alliance) for their continued support of these important events.

This visualization was created under a Creative Commons license please see the details here. The initial version of this D3 visualization was created by Lauren de Luna, Andrew Kaplan, Rob Quick, and Srini Yerragolla. It is maintained by the CODATA/RDA Schools for Research Data Science alumni.


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