Alumni Webinar Series

CODATA Connect Research Skills Enhancement in collaboration with the CODATA-RDA Schools of Research Data Science

This webinar series is jointly hosted by the CODATA Connect initiative and CODATA-RDA Schools of Research Data Science alumni group.

Research skills enhancement is an inseparable part of learning and a vital part of the advancement of any Early Career Researcher (ECR) that wants to become knowledgeable and relevant. The Research Skills Enhancement Webinar Series is aimed at meeting this goal by helping ECRs and the CODATA Connect community to organise and sharpen their skills in relation to broader yet specific fields – to be able to move towards the advancement in scientific knowledge for impact. This series helps professionals to think critically, analyze issues and solve problems as data stewards. We also intend that participants will build more capacity for communication and interdisciplinary collaborations in relation to core research competences. We hope to provide timely and useful insights from experts and provide a platform for discussion among early career researchers and alumni of the CODATA Connect and CODATA-RDA training activities. This webinar series is held in conjunction with the CODATA-RDA schools alumni group and CODATA Connect featuring experts in various disciplines to enhance the research skills of ECRs. The series will centre around topics involving career and academic skills enhancement.  Suggestions for topics and speakers are welcome!  Please submit them to codataconnect (at)

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