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This is where where you can:

  • Find alumni in your area
  • Raise questions
  • Promote events

The main objective of the Forum is to offer a platform where ideas can be exchanged, questions can be raised and events can be promoted.  Of course, it’s a great place to also find other alumni in your area.

The Forum is all about getting researchers, engineers, and students to meet, exchange and acquire new scientific and technical skills to help them overcome both current and future unresolved issues.

The Forum has a variety of different topic areas. Please ensure that if you have a question or want to provide some information it goes to the right area. If the right one doesn’t exist then please contact us to set it up.

The Forum will be monitored by a small editorial team of volunteers who will respond to any questions or direct them to the Data Schools instructors/researchers if necessary.

Please read and be aware of the Terms of Use of the Forum.



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